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The Information Technology Center (ITC) is a partner in the progress of the school’s goal to achieve quality Ignacian Marian Education that makes St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City globally competitive.


1. Conduct formal and in-formal orientation on ITC services.

2. Assist walk-in computer laboratory users during free time (recess).

3. Conduct regular preventive maintenance of computer units in the different offices or work station.

4.  Conduct prompt response to emergency request/s.

5. Upgrades  IT equipment and LAN/WAN  (Internet and network connections)

6.  Repairs computer units and IT peripherals 



1. Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. (during recess only).

2. To keep the computer laboratory conducive for learning the following must be observed:

     a) Bringing of FOOD and DRINKS are not allowed.

    b) Storing and playing computer GAMES (offline/online) is prohibited.

    c) When all stations are occupied, ITC Staff has the right to ask students/pupils doing non-class related work to give up their station to accommodate students/pupils 

        with class assignments/projects. .(during recess only) 

    d) Students/pupils must not disturb or distract other users.

    e) Report immediately to the teacher in-charge/ITC staff any misbehavior observed in the computer laboratory.

    f) Before leaving the computer laboratory, students/pupils must leave their station clean, put chairs under the computer table and the computer must be properly shut


3. All computer units are “deep freeze” protected thus, to avoid loss of files/documents the following must be observed by the students/pupils:

    a) Provide flash drive or its equivalent for saving documents.

    b) Files in the flash drive to be used must have a back-up / must be stored in other devices, before using it in the computer laboratory.

    c) Periodically save work in the flash drive.

4. Access to the Internet is for educational purposes only. Students/pupils are prohibited in posting/using obscene language, offensive messages, pictures and comments

    in any social networking site or its equivalent.