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Provides special health services such as annual physical and dental examinations, maintenance of growth charts, health records, immunizations, and first aid emergency cases to promote good health and well-being of the pupils/students.


  1. Physician and dentist are available 16 hours a week from Monday to Thursday.
  2. Two registered nurses are available daily.
  3. Physical and Dental examinations are administered to pupils/students at least once a year. The class adviser is informed prior to the scheduled physical examination.
  4. The clinic takes care of all minor physical indispositions of the students.
  5. Pupils/Students suffering from serious illness shall immediately be sent home upon the advice from the school clinic.
  6. When pupils/students go to the clinic, they should first secure a pink form (Grade School) and blue form (High School) from the Office of the Prefect of Students. Class Beadles should write on the beadle sheet opposite their name the time they leave and the time they return to the classroom.
  7. Pupils/Students without the clinic slip will not be entertained by the health services staff except in emergency cases.
  8. The clinic is strictly for pupil/student / personnel who are not feeling well. It should not be used for any other purposes such as resting place or public comfort room.
  9. Pupils/Students who suffered from communicable diseases should secure a clearance from the clinic before entering the classroom.