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Guidance is the help given to our pupils/students to assist them in managing their life and to build sound relationship within himself/herself, his/her family, peers, community and environment in general. To attain this, the different guidance services are available for them to help them realize their full potential as persons.

Services rendered by the Guidance Center                                                                                                                                                                

1. To help the pupils/students attain a holistic growth:

  • Classroom Guidance/Homeroom is conducted to pupils/students in class focusing on 3 developmental topics: personal/social, academic and career
  • Counseling is for all pupils/students and parents as well. During class hours, pupils/students are called-in for counseling. Pupils/Students are welcome to visit their counselor after class hours.

2. To prepare the pupils/students in formulating realistic career goals:

  • Career Orientations are conducted to pupils/students from Grades 1 to 12. For Grades 1 – 3 career topics are integrated in their classroom guidance whereas for Grades 4 – 12, an assembly is held.  Grade 12’s Career Orientation focusing on college admission is of 2 series.

3. To assist in the continuous improvement of the  school’s instructional program as well as the guidance program:

  • Testing of students’ school ability, personality, interest, aptitude, subject achievement.  Results of the tests administered last school year will be disseminated to parents during the 1st quarter of the current year.
  • Researches conducted are based on the guidance test results, evaluation results, and feedback of graduates.

4. Other activities the Guidance Center undertakes are:

  • Individual Inventory (Student Portfolio) is kept at the Guidance Center to assist the counselor in making a follow-up of the pupils/students.  It is of utmost importance that information asked in the student’s information sheet and descriptive questionnaire are true and correct.

  • School Orientation both for the pupils/students and for the parents of new pupils/students.

  • Sectioning of students for pupils/students to be in a group where they can perform at their best.

5. Release of requested recommendation form is after 3 working days from the date of filing.