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"As an institution rooted in the Catholic tradition, St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City offers pupils/students a rich, faith-based environment and community. Pupils/Students, teachers and staff are encouraged to foster their spiritual development and put their beliefs into action through service to others.
Everyone is welcome to participate in Eucharistic liturgies, sacramental prayer services, discussions and prayer groups, retreats and recollections.​"

Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Ministry reflects the vision and mission of St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City. It was founded to assist and help the members of the SMACC community in their faith-journey to become mature Christians. 

Witnessing to the Gospel values of Jesus, the Office of the Campus Ministry strives to nurture the spiritual well-being of the school community. It offers programs that are faithful to our Catholic heritage as they are rooted in the Marian-Ignacian spirituality. 


"The Information Technology Center (ITC) is a partner in the progress of the school’s goal to achieve quality Ignacian Marian Education that makes St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City globally competitive."


1. Conduct formal and in-formal orientation on ITC services.
2. Assist walk-in computer laboratory users during free time (recess).
3. Conduct regular preventive maintenance of computer units in the different offices or work station.
4.  Conduct prompt response to emergency request/s.
5. Upgrades  IT equipment and LAN/WAN  (Internet and network connections)
6.  Repairs computer units and IT peripherals


1. Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. (during recess only).

2. To keep the computer laboratory conducive for learning the following must be observed:

a) Bringing of FOOD and DRINKS are not allowed.

b) Storing and playing computer GAMES (offline/online) is prohibited.

c) When all stations are occupied, ITC Staff has the right to ask students/pupils doing non-class related work to give up their station to accommodate students/pupils with class assignments/projects. .(during recess only) 

d) Students/pupils must not disturb or distract other users.

e) Report immediately to the teacher in-charge/ITC staff any misbehavior observed in the computer laboratory.

f) Before leaving the computer laboratory, students/pupils must leave their station clean, put chairs under the computer table and the computer must be properly shutdown.

3. All computer units are “deep freeze” protected thus, to avoid loss of files/documents the following must be observed by the students/pupils:

a) Provide flash drive or its equivalent for saving documents.

b) Files in the flash drive to be used must have a back-up / must be stored in other devices, before using it in the computer laboratory.

c) Periodically save work in the flash drive.

4. Access to the Internet is for educational purposes only. Students/pupils are prohibited in posting/using obscene language, offensive messages, pictures and comments in any social networking site or its equivalent.


"Provide not only the technical and specialized study materials (print and non-print) needed to meet the educational demands of both faculty and pupils/students but also motivates, stimulates and improve their reading habits and skills."


  1. Pupils/Students should register their library visit through the Library Attendance Recording System (LARS).
  2. Pupils/Students must secure his/her Student’s Master Card from the Librarian/Staff before borrowing library materials.
  3. Pupils/Students should leave the library five-minutes before the end of recess and lunch period to be able to return to their classrooms safely.
  4. Library Loan: Schedule, Duration and Fines. Maximum of three-books at a time can be borrowed regardless of its kind.  Each type has its corresponding loan duration as well as penalty for overdue materials.Non-school days are not subjected to fines.



5. Lost/Damage borrowed book/s.      
In case of lost or damage material/s the following steps are applied:      
a. The incident must be reported immediately.     
b. Lost/Damage material/s must be replaced with the same title or nearest title but with the latest copyright date or pay the amount at the current market price.
c. A period of one month will be allotted for the book/s to be replaced.   
d. Reported incident will not be charged of fine within the grace period.
e. Demonstrate proper behavior at all times.
f. Report any unpleasant incident or improper behavior committed by other students.

"The Audio Visual Center is one of the major units of the IMC. It provides a variety of Audio-Visual materials, equipment and facilities for instructional purposes. All AV resources are strictly for SMACC Campus use only."


  1. Reservation of instructional resources should be made at least a day before its use and shall be requested from the AV Staff with the proper signature of the persons concerned.
  2. AV equipment such as CD cassette maybe renewed for another day/week, unless needed by others. The rest of the equipment should be returned on the same day.
  3. Lost or damaged AV materials and equipment while on loan, will require a replacement of the same brand/title or similar to its kind and function.
  4. Pupils/Students are expected to abide by the rules and regulation governing the use of Audio Visual Resources such as materials, equipment and facilities.


"Provides special health services such as annual physical and dental examinations, maintenance of growth charts, health records, immunizations, and first aid emergency cases to promote good health and well-being of the pupils/students."


  1. Physician and dentist are available 16 hours a week from Monday to Thursday.
  2. Two registered nurses are available daily.
  3. Physical and Dental examinations are administered to pupils/students at least once a year. The class adviser is informed prior to the scheduled physical examination.
  4. The clinic takes care of all minor physical indispositions of the students.
  5. Pupils/Students suffering from serious illness shall immediately be sent home upon the advice from the school clinic.
  6. When pupils/students go to the clinic, they should first secure a pink form (Grade School) and blue form (High School) from the Office of the Prefect of Students. Class Beadles should write on the beadle sheet opposite their name the time they leave and the time they return to the classroom.
  7. Pupils/Students without the clinic slip will not be entertained by the health services staff except in emergency cases.
  8. The clinic is strictly for pupil/student / personnel who are not feeling well. It should not be used for any other purposes such as resting place or public comfort room.
  9. Pupils/Students who suffered from communicable diseases should secure a clearance from the clinic before entering the classroom.